Wake Up!

by Kris Watson

It is reported that the most recent white supremacist terrorist who gunned down 11 African descendent people, killing 10 of them, was inspired by a similar killer in New Zealand. I call bullshit. Not that there is not  enough global racism for it to be true, but let’s face it, this 18-year-old terrorist was inspired right here at home. This boy was nurtured in the home, in the community, in the church and in the schools. Without a doubt he never has had a relationship with a person of color. He had to travel to find us. No doubt he has been fed lies by Mother Tucker Carlson, and others. There can be no doubt that his inferior education was based on the myth of White American exceptionalism.   

We have to wake up to the reality that we are in the midst of a civil war. A brand of evil that had been laying just beneath the surface but bubbling up in the last decade or two. And we have mostly fallen asleep in Babylon. Wake up! We are in civil war. White Male patriarchy insists on having its way. They will control the bodies of women, they will not be outnumbered by people of color, they will perpetuate the systemic and personal injustices that have fed their fragile egos for centuries.  

Wake up! If we fail to resist, spiritual death is certain. If white women continue to cooperate with the narrative of white skinned supremacy, we will have the nation filled with legislators who will fully execute and implement laws designed to subjugate them and people of color. If white men of good conscience do not rise up and reject the false narrative that there is a hierarchy of human value based on skin color, there will be little hope.  

Black people must resist in a panoply of ways: Engage in immediate practices of self-care and healing of the ongoing trauma. Educate, agitate, advocate, refuse to be in bondage to the racialized capitalism that has dominated our colonized minds. Decolonize your minds. Now.

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