What We Do

Provide affordable educational activities and resources to individuals, organizations, and companies starting the journey of racial conciliation 

Offerings include, content-driven workshops, guided conversations, written and visual material and special acclaimed programs such as, Race & Racism in America and Sacred and Courageous Conversations to End Racism.  Each program is tailor made to fit your specific setting.  To learn more about our educational opportunities visit Conversations (nurturingjustice.com).  

Provide a safe and supportive communication space for racial justice advocates and educators

Provide hands-on racial justice tools for young people and adults for sustained engagement in the world 

Curate the latest resources for study, analysis and use 

Monitor current events, justice issues, and live up-to-date happenings  

Build community and uplift spiritually by networking, quarterly meetings, information sharing and deep corporate reflection 

Develop individual and corporate accountability through shared experiences and brave space speaking and listening