Retreats for African descendant social justice advocates

Nurturing Justice has launched, and is looking to expand our offerings to social and racial justice advocates to provide safe and restorative spaces for spiritual and physical renewal.  Racial justice work requires an extra measure of self-care and  intentional rest. Nurturing Justice partners with spiritual directors and other mental health professionals to deliver quality retreat opportunities for the activist community. 

Our first retreat was in October, 2022. More are planned for the fall of 2023. If you are interested in this opportunity and you are working on the ground to educate and agitate for justice, please contact

Nurturing Justice and it’s fiercely dynamic Founder and Leader, Kris Watson, are evidence of what it means to create beloved community through cultivating environments that infuse loving accountability, the sharing of hard truths, and a unwavering commitment to engaging and building community around the sacred work of anti-racism. I experienced first-hand how Kris provides the essential element of nurturing through her gift of hospitality and her attentive engagement in hearing the experiences of those who gathered for Nurturing Justices’ first retreat. 

The transformative ways Kris engages relationship building translates to the space she curates when doing anti-racism work. I had an opportunity to eaves drop on an abbreviated presentation Nurturing Justice offered virtually.  

Nurturing Justice trainers brilliantly facilitate creative and thought-provoking opportunities which invite all bodies into discerning in earnest how they might be able to embody anti-racism through uniquely curated exercises that are meant to deepen and transform the relationship participants have with themselves and others. Nurturing Justice stays true to promoting the dignity of all humanity  as they support white bodies, particularly,  in healing the sin of racism.

-KYND Regards, 

Kyndra Frazier, LMSW, M.Div


KYND Consulting