BLK GRL Thriving Initiative

BLK GRL THRIVING INITIATIVE is a space where each of us can be held and seen in our process of discovery! BLK GRL THRIVING Circle has been inspired by a desire to create the next generation of advocates and activists in the areas of social, racial, and reproductive justice.

In an intimate 6-8 peer group, it is our intention to implement the Nurturing Justice pillars of education, connecting and nurturing. Under the leadership of Kaylan Frazier, over an 8 week summer program we will:

1.       Educate girls on race, racism, social and reproductive justice.

2.       Connect them to practices that help to honor and nourish their minds bodies and spirits

3.       Nurture them with good conversations, dynamic videos, and healthy food experiences.

In addition to inspiring advocacy, we hope that every girl will leave the experience feeling empowered with an expanded sense of who they are and a community to support them on their journey.